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While Tree Hunting, Please Keep in Mind That:

•    Bow saws are provided.
•    Twine is provided to secure tree to vehicle.
•    Restroom facilities and plenty of on-site parking are provided.  Parking is centralized on the farm so trees are nearby.
•    Customer may tag a tree early and cut it at a later date. 
•    Pets with a friendly demeanor are welcome, provided they are on a leash.
•    Bargain trees are available, starting at $19 (limited supply).
•    Sections of the farm are identified with signs to indicate tree varieties, and a map of the farm is provided.
•    Trees are shaken mechanically to remove loose debris (this service is complimentary).
•    Tree bailing and tree drilling services are available.
•    Candy canes are provided for children.
•    Cash or check accepted (no credit/debit cards at this time).

During weekend hours, the following services are also available:

•    Our warm-up area is stocked with hot chocolate, hot cider, baked goods and snacks.
•    Trees are bottom pruned to your preference.
•    We can help in the cutting and carrying of your tree, if you are unable to do so.

Addison-Oaks Christmas Tree Farm is a registered member of the National Christmas Tree Association, Inc. (NCTA) & the Michigan Christmas Tree Association (MCTA).